2012 Has Arrived

Happy New Year To All!

As usual, the old year left without making to much of a peep and the new year rang in just as quietly. Sadly I was not feeling the best and rang in the new year in such a undesirable way! Hubby has been on duty all weekend, so it has been home time for us, no parties or friends at our home this year. Here’s to hoping he will not have duty next new years eve!

We kind of did our own thing, he played one of his video games he got for Christmas and I played around on my new iMac that I got for Christmas. I called my family and talked with my mother for a while. I had planned on being on the phone with family to ring in the new year but as my body would have it, that did not happen. It was an off day.

I rang in the new year huddled over the toilet, dizzy & woozy! Happy New Year to me! Sleep was much needed and I awoke to a much happier baker self. I felt renewed and I was alone. Duty calls and hubby had to stand watch all day today. I cleaned and spoke with family most of the day, helped them ring in the new year & waited for hubby to come home.

Aside from starting the year off sick it has been a good first day of 2012. My hope is that it can only get better! I have a yummy post to share tomorrow, so I hope you will come back & visit! Please don’t be shy, leave a comment or contact me. I always respond!



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