Tuesdays With Dorie: Baking With Julia

I was made aware of the Tuesdays With Dorie group by a few blogs I’ve been following the last few years. I had wished I had known about it before it began so I could have participated. So I believe it was maybe in November when I was made aware that they had finished the cookbook they had been doing and would be starting a new group “Baking With Julia” in February 2012.

I was super excited, being a baker and I love Julia! I’ve made several recipes from her books and I own almost all of them. I was thrilled when I realized I already owned the book and would not have to wait on it to get here if I needed to order it. Time passed by and about 1 week ago I panicked because I had remembered all of a sudden the group was to have started in February and here it was the 2nd week already.

Going to the site I saw I had already missed the first recipe of the group bake along. I was upset as I really wanted to be part of it. Longer story short, the rules state you need only make 1 recipe out of the two per month to be able to stay in so I was signed up and happily I am working on this weeks recipe, to be seen at a later date.

I am pretty sure if you would like to join in before Tuesday, you could still ask to join in the fun too! If interested get moving and click the button at the top of this post! Happy Baking :)



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