TWD: Berry Galette

Welcome to another delicious edition of Tuesdays With Dorie: Baking With Julia!

Isa of Tomato Thymes in the Kitchen and Andrea of The Kitchen Lioness were the hosts this week.

I know I’ve not participated since April…cringe!!! It was because I did not and could not find the proper ingredients for a few of the recipes, here in Japan. So sadly I did not continue. I am back!! I will continue on and if I can not find the right ingredients, I will make do :)

After reading comments about people having issues with the dough for this recipe, I was a little scared,lol. One thing I dread in baking is making pie dough or any kind of crust dough, this is a recent fear, since I moved to Japan my doughs don’t come out like they used to.

I made the dough in my food processor and it came together great! I chilled it for several hours. I have no AC and the heat and humidity is insane here, so I worry about doughs with good amounts of butter. I feared it would melt! It did not.

It was easy to roll out, I moved quickly so it would not stick. I did have one small tear I tried to fix but in the end it leaked out from it a little. The recipe called for optional honey and I decided to use it as well as the sugar, I believe it was a great choice!

I chose blueberries & cherries, a perfect combination in my opinion. It baked perfectly and in 35 minutes. My husband called me this afternoon as he took it to work today and he said it was wonderful and those he shared it with, loved it. He said he really enjoyed the flavors of the berries and he said he really liked the crust! It was a winner :)

If you would like the recipe, please visit our hosts! Or, you can purchase the book “Baking With Julia“.



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    First, welcome back. Hang in there, no matter what the recipe choice, please.

    Secondly, your galette looks beautiful and I am not at all jealous that your dough, made on the other side of the world, with questionable ingredients and high humidity, turned out, well, perfect. I am sitting in my own home with all my conveniences and Air Conditioning and cannot get the pastry made!

    Life is not fair.

    Bet your husband was proud to show that delicious dessert to his colleagues.
    Mary Hirsch recently posted..BERRY GALETTE, Rustic, Free-Form and Delicious

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      Hello Mary!
      Thank You!! Well, while it looks good it was not perfect,:) I did have a small tear in it and it did get a little messy on my baking sheet! It is hit or miss with more misses here in the heat and humidity. I was super lucky it came out as nice as it did. I actually did my baking in the middle of the night, was not much cooler but I think that helped a little too! Thank you for your nice comment! I Thank You for visiting :)
      imathomebaking recently posted..TWD: Berry Galette

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      I did taste the crust but other than that, I had planned on hubby taking it to work so I am okay with not eating it myself. I get more joy out of baking for others :) When I make an apple one next, I will have a sliver! Thank You for visiting :)
      imathomebaking recently posted..TWD: Berry Galette

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    Your galette is beautiful! You did amazing considering a new challenge in location and I look forward to hearing more about your journey!

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    Your galette looks wonderful! Mine leaked all over the place. Keep up the good work.

    I lived in Japan for 4 years as an Air Force brat and have nothing but wonderful memories.

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      Mine did leak just a tad from a small tear, I actually expected it to be much worse that what it turned out as! Thank you! Ahhh, we are Navy but stationed at an Air Force base! Thank you for sharing that & for visiting :)
      imathomebaking recently posted..TWD: Berry Galette

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